Solicitations for Pre-Qualified Vendors

The primary intent of the webpage is to provide information to Thornton’s pre-qualified vendors. The City of Thornton will post on its Solicitations for Pre-Qualified webpage all project-related documents pre-qualified vendors may need and use to prepare written offers in response to upcoming and ongoing projects posted on this webpage. Thornton only accepts offers, bids, proposals, quotes and information from its prequalified vendors. All bids, proposals or offers for projects using any documents and information posted to this webpage submitted by any prospective vendor, contractor or bidder who have not been prequalified by Thornton will be rejected without notice.

Any vendor, contractor or bidder interested in working as subcontractor on projects posted to the Solicitations for Pre-Qualified webpage is solely responsible for contacting one or more of the City’s pre-qualified vendors to arrange submitting its proposal as a subcontractor. Thornton makes no guaranty, warranty or representation that any proposal a prospective subcontractor may submit to a prequalified vendor will be accepted, used or evaluated for any project posted on this page, and nor is pre-qualified vendor obligated to accept or consider any proposal submitted by a prospective subcontractor for any project posted by Thornton on this webpage.

Notwithstanding a prequalified vendor’s acceptance of any subcontractor’s solicitation, Thornton, may its reasonable discretion, reject or accept any subcontractor submission it deems is in the best interest of Thornton. Thornton may change the terms of this webpage from time to time without further notice.

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